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    Yellow Ants Group is the China AAA logistics enterprise with successfully created and developed the brand of "" for many years, having the honour to get the certificate of ISO9001 Quality Management System. It's the developer of moving calculator system and the professional, collectivization and modernized company. The company's main engaged in Relocation of families,Companies and factories, logistics distribution, equipment Hoisting, handing and transportation, installation and debugging, Mechanical lease, Precision machinery and logistics packaging;cleaning, assembly and repair of furniture and electrical appliances and so on.

     The company owns mechanical equipment and tools such as engineering, construction, transportation and so on, it has wheeled cranes, truck cranes, Heavy-medium truck, high-altitude operation car , forklifts and special vehicles.

      The La Inc. of Yellow Ants Group is a subsidiary of China yellow ants logistics company in California region, The company now owns more than 20 Transport vehicles and nearly 100 employees with having pass through professional training.  It's the designated service providers of large companies, factories and various government departments in Californiamoreover, it's now one of the largest moving companies in the United States and has been recognized and highly praised by leaders at all levels and the masses of the people.

     The La Inc. of Yellow Ants Group actively responds to the call of the head office, fully implements the service concept, service purpose and business philosophy of Yellow Ants Group, and realizes standardization, modernization and brand operation management.


     Yellow Ants Group takes “Customer First, Service Global as service concept, strictly trains and manages staff, and serves customers wholeheartedly.  Serving the service purpose of "Profession, efficiency, speed , quality" to ensure service quality.  Adhere to the business philosophy of"The same industry than quality, the same quality than price, the same price than service", to make the customers truly enjoy the high quality service of "Intimate, heart saving and relieving".


     Yellow Ants Group is determined to become the industry benchmarking enterprise, practice the traditional moving industry combined with the Internet information model and independently develop the HMY system (including the national customer call center system, moving calculator system, the network dispatching system). The moving calculator system is The first creation in moving industry to realize the customer's online independent order through PC and mobile terminals. To Implement the scientific scheduling,dispatching nearby, transportation on the way and Service acceptance under the line.  all services are visited and tracked, after-sales database is established to standardize management and improve service quality. Really make the pricefairness, open, transparency,strictly rectify the current situation of "arbitrary charging, poor service and no after-sale" in the industry.


      Yellow Ants Group cares about your recognition. Your satisfaction is the greatest support for us. We wish the moment when we finish the service for you is the beginning of service to your family and friends! Yellow Ants Group accompany you into a new harmonious house, warmly welcome new and old customer's call, letter and interview!


      All staff of Yellow Ants Group wish the new and old customers smoothly, safety and good luck!